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Skating has always been a great release/escape for me.

I took on the role of caretaker at a VERY young it became the one thing that allowed me to just "be a kid" for awhile.

I returned to this passion of my youth after a near 20 year absence -- because I needed that healthy sense of release again.

But don't get me wrong, that's not the only reason I skate. I absolutely LOVE the creativity, and God knows I need the exercise! -- I get very absorbed in my creative work and have been known to skip a few nights of sleep to meet a deadline. So it takes a powerful motivating force to "step away from the computer".

It's great that skating can engage the mind, challenge the body, and lift the spirit, all while allowing for creativity and self-expression. I can't think of one other activity that is that satisfying. (Well maybe one. )

I would probably be considered an "old school roller dancer", although I hate labels.

Any-hoooo, I enjoy the urban freestyle flava' of skating, as opposed to the structured artistic version. I guess I feel that way about art in general - the more organic, natural and raw the better. But that's just my preference, I'm not knockin' anyone else's.

Roll On!


P.S. - This is me and a very talented friend of mine skating. (The graphics are totally tongue and cheek, btw.)

Life is an ALL skate, roll with it." -
Jean B.

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