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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Ding, ding, ding.

We have a new Armillido, he (dillo) broke two shoulders using home made aluminum Kingpins, before learning the hard way, not besmirching him, just supplying the facts.

Please, "skateloggers", don't loctite your king pins, loctite ing an axle that's bolted down(in) is one thing, a kingpin is quite another.

"Took a few hard falls last year".

I bet, got any more really, really bad advice?
Fierocious1 didn't say anything about using Aluminum kingpins...

His point was bout the strength of red loctite. His homemade plate uses threaded rod thst he put loctite on nd didnt need a locknut, allowing him to run a taller cushion plate side. The loctite holds the kingpin in place so the adjuster nut on the end wont turn the kingpin, pretty simple.

Also, you WANT the axle "frozen" in the truck. It should not move or hve any play why so ever. Blue is not strong enough. You need green or red and they need to be the oil resistant versions.

Theres nothing wrong with his post or his setup. If he ever breaks a kingpin , extracting it may be a little more difficult, but not an issue for the mechanically inclined.
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