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Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
Hi NaNaDo,

Since you are obviously connected to some of those more mature Organ Skaters, who skate great, perhaps at your rink skates you can take the PA list and slowly update it over time... Include the Organ Player since he might travel farther.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave

P.S. I would like to hear if Blackman Street's SkateAway still has Organ Music.
Hello Dave!
Don't know Blackman Street's Skateaway... sorry, can't help you there!
Organist's :
>Fantasy - Lonnie Brooks 2nd and 4th Sunday's of the Month
>Olympic - Marty Dumic Tuesday Evenings
>Roller Motion - Corey Friedinger (spelling???) Thursday Evenings
>Sportsman's Hall MD. Sunday evenings Marty Dumic, Corey Friedinger, Ralph Brown rotate Sunday Evenings throughout the month.... doesn't matter which Sunday evening you choose to go... it's always "good" music!!! And a great place to skate... what a terrific floor!!!
>Have to mention Holiday Skating Center in NJ - Ralph Brown - Tuesday Evenings
>At one time a few of the Organ Skaters talked about Mt Gretna... but I haven't heard it mentioned lately.

And we get a "Great Treat" here in Central PA a few times a year when these Organist's get together and have an Organ Jamboree! Those evenings are very reminisent of the 70's .... Full House of great skaters that travel from all over PA, NJ, Deleware, Maryland to skate these sessions.... makes ya feel 25 again!!!

And Dave !!! some great news... Not "all" of the Organ Skaters are the "Mature Skaters" (love the way you classified that ) ... we have been getting a crowd of 35 and 40 year olds coming to Olympic on Tuesdays and there is a great variety of ages coming to Sportsman's Hall on Sunday's... Some Teens and young Adults are lovin' the Organ Music!!!
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