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We both use Transpack bags, and have for a number of years. We prefer these to other skate bags, where your skates hang on the outside of the bag. Search on Amazon for Transpack ski boot bag. The bags are the same, whether labelled in the search as skate or ski boot bag. If you find one you like, you can do a google search and search for a lower price than Amazon has. My current one I wanted in a particular color and was able to get it cheaper from a ski shop online than from Amazon. There are some models that have larger inner compartment areas. My current one is the XTW model, my husband's is an old TRV Pro model. These are good for travel too and we have taken our speed skates on planes in these bags with no issues.

Several teammates have now gone to this style of "trolley bags." This one from Luigino, the backpack in the front zips off separately from the rolling bag.

You'll see some other skate bags on the nettracing site as well. Good luck!!
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