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Default listing of south puget sound skating sessions

I made a spreadsheet of nearby sessions, thought it might be good to pass it along.
things to note:
I am based out of north end tacoma, so these are just locations close to here.
If two sessions are the same type, same time, and similar locations, but one is cheaper, I may have not included it.
Sessions I know from experience are not good ones I have omitted.
some of these sessions require certain ages. I have left out most of the young ones (I am a 21+ category, and so that was what I was looking for).
feel free to download it and modify it to your use:

format: {NameOfRink [endTime in 24 hour time] typeOfSession $Cost}
sbremerton is skateland bremerton
solympia is skateland olympia
r253 is rolling 253
tiffanys is Skate Tiffany's
Auburn is Auburn skate
Pattison's is Pattison's West

This is out there, I don't plan on maintaining it. take it or leave it.
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