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Originally Posted by ALBERT.PACO View Post
Thanks for your explanation about the bearings.

When I compete in speed, I have competed with interchangeable wheels and not interchangeable wheels and Deano, Vanguard fanjet or Labeda Turbo wheels had very good performance.

The only fault I put to him was that the aluminum hub were heavier but were fine performance. They are two different concepts of wheels.

I hope soon you get a set of my hubs for to test on your skates.

Yeap. I just have to get the plates(arius) fixed first. Axles suck. Theres a bevel at the threading where the nuts go. Its OD is like 7.6mm. Almost all wheels end up with the outside bearing sitting on an uneven plane. And thats not good and offers poor comparisons for wheels.

The set of wheels that have the most trouble with these axles are the bont royal assassin's. Wider bearing seat and a narrower bearing pushes it into that beveled area. The bearing on the outside of the hub ends up with a lot of play. That takes the alignment out of whack. Some narrow bearing seats like vanilla hubs which have a spacing around .260 to .275(7mm) sit on the better part of the axle. Also the hubs are made for the 608s so they have more width on the axle too.

If the axles were just a bit longer before the threading it wouldnt be such an issue.
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