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Default Disabled rollers

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
I have seen some wheelchairs out on the surface, never been a problem, less problematic than skate-mates.

I've wondered if there isn't a better sit down and be pushed solution that gets a little more of the feel and speed of skating.
During our adult night, there is an older lady(probably younger than me) that has severe arthritis and has had one total knee replacement. Skating is her alternative to being disabled. Doctors expected her to not be able to walk or do much else, but she is determined to bear the pain and skate her way to more mobility. She can be seen applying creams to get the body parts lubricated and moving. She and her cane are now regular features on the floor. When the music moves her, she can still make good moves on the floor.

At the other rink I regularly skate at, there is a little girl(maybe 8 to 10) that is trapped in a wheel chair. She comes with her family and they take turns bringing her to the center of the floor and pushing her chair back and forth on the floor. One has only to look in her eyes to understand the beneficial effect. She is part of her family activity and part of the overall activity of the skating facility.

As long as rinks and their patrons can accommodate those with disabilities without endangering anyone, I am all for it. Placing wheels on our feet is hazardous enough all by itself. We just need to keep everything as safe as possible. Then maybe we can all enjoy the sport for a very long time!

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