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Default What day is it?

It's hump day. Or in these parts, adult skate night. So some of the day's activity includes checking skates, wheels, bearings, toe stops, tools, carrying case, and safety equipment to be sure all is ready.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of safety equipment for adults. It has saved my bacon on several occasions. Even so, I do not overdue the safety aspect. I wear compression sleeves with rubber ring around the knee caps and wrist protection. That little bit of caution has kept me from experiencing some major complications.

Let's be realistic. We all will fall eventually! Some because of our proclivity to push hard and expand the envelope(learn new kicks), others because of hazzards on the rink floor(people and things), and then there is just barely loosing that edge and the wheels break loose. Kids that are growing have flexible bones that bend before they break. Not so with adults! Yet, most of the adult skaters I know do not use any safety devices.

Anytime someone tells me they are skating again after a period of abstinance, I highly recommend safety devices to them. I've met too many come-back adults that suffered injuries. This is a great sport for health and social reasons and we need to take care of ourselves. So we can skate another day!

Four years ago(not skating, not exercising), I was told I might require a stint to keep blood flowing in my arteries. But last year I went in for follow up, and was given a clean bill concerning my heart and arterial system. I had been skating two to three times a week for nine months.

OK forum members, has skating improved your life in some significant way? Share your sucess. Encourage others.

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