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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
I don't think feet shrink at all during skating. From the moment we start, our feet start to swell. But the foot is always very slightly shifting,recentering to equalize the pressure being placed on it. In the early phase, this repositioning dominates and it feels like there is more available space but actually it is just the tightest points are looser. The spare volume is actually less. Further, the boundaries of a swelled foot are softer than a cold foot. Attempting to tighten the laces and bring in the extra slack will likely squeeze soft tissue that isn't done expanding. it will not be happy later.
Skin has fluid in it, and to an extent so do joints. The compression of a snugly laced skates begins to displace the fluid out from the pressure.

Take a woman's hair tie and put it on your wrist for 10 minuites, you'll see.

Also as the boots warm up because of your feet, the materials also loosen a tad.

Most people re-tie their skates after a few minuites to fix the slack from foot and boot changing in volume, it's quite common, even more so if a skater really wants a snug fit.
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