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Thanks everyone for your recommendationd. One of my guy skate friends has Rollerblade Urban Gear guards. They are a longer sandwhich type too, but they may have been replaced with a newer style. Can't find them anywhere. He suggested I make sure to get longer ones as well. So, the 187's are long up the forearm?

Yeah, I don't even know what happened, except all of a sudden I remember thinking "Omg! Both feet are high out from under me...I'm going straight down on my butt." I never learned to tuck and roll, but with jam skating, feet going out from under you doesn't fascilitate a roll! I must have set my left hand down first behind me, and bruised my right palm, and right butt cheek, but no tailbone at least! I sat there feeling like I was gonna throw up. Got a drink of water and immediately iced my wrist. It didn't swell for a couple hours so I just thought it was a bad sprain. A friend loaned me one wrist guard for protection and I continued to skate another hour and a half...icing it during the crappy songs. �� Finially with 15 minutes left of the session I figured I was nuts and should go home! It hurt to touch my fingertips! Anyway, it's an impacted radial fracture. Not a terrible break. I go back on Tuesday to see what the dr. will say. It stinks ! But at least I was doing something fun when I broke it!
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