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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
As for the rough, uneven sidewalks...this sort of skating improves your balance immensely. Unless you are falling down a lot, keep at it. Also, this is where full fingered bike gloves and wrist guards come in handy.

And I hate to be THAT guy but inline skates handle the real world so much better than quads. Inlines have their own issues for sure but once you have a pair dialed-in and broken-in you can fly over an amazing amount of bad surfaces. Quads are awesome for rinks and groomed surfaces in parks or fitness paths, as you have already learned.
Yeah I'm hearing ya. Never was into inlines. When I first started skating I had Ventro Pro Turbo's and I found the boot big and cumbersome. I only have skinny legs lol. I find most inline skates that way too. Bulky. I also tried a pair a few years ago and could skate in them. I just prefer the quad overall.
The spacer thing. Yep, I have them on one of my skates and they do seem faster but they don't fit in the wheels I'm using at the moment. I need shorter ones. I'm going skate shop tomorrow to get my new plates put on. I'll grab some. Thanks for that Joey 👍
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