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Originally Posted by marksundell View Post
No high speed crashes yet.

I could see that being a potential problem.

I'd say that would happen with any "softside" pads though.

If you want to slide, you will need something with a hard plastic shell, which, imo are more bulky, heaver, and harder to keep on.
Even with light weight pads, most of the bulk and weight is the foam padding, not the plastic shell. The design of lightweight, low bulk, knee pads is a solved problem and has been for many years. It just isn't generally available.

The components are:

1) A shell curved to accommodate the anatomy of the knee and give it freedom of movement.
2) A ridge in the foam just above the knee cap to prevent sliding.
3) Adequate range of sizes so that reasonable fit can be achieved.

For longevity, you also want:

4) An elastic but not excessively stretchy top strap.
5) A non-stretch bottom strap.

Lizard Skins Softcell Knee pads rock #1 and #2. Very light and non-restrictive. They do not slide off.

However, they were only ever available in two sizes and the straps stretch out much too quickly.

Triple-8 Street pads hits 2,3, and 5. Unfortunately, the cap doesn't not match human anatomy. The result is a pad that never seems to sit properly. I think they just took the shell from their aggressive pads. In those pads, the shell sits on top of 1" thick foam so it really doesn't have to match knee geometry all that closely.

Hmm. Now that I think of it, I wonder how difficult it would be to transplant a Lizard Skins cap onto Triple-8 backing?

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