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Originally Posted by marksundell View Post
I suggest G Form Pro X pads.

They are a bit costly but soooo worth it.
I'm 37 and the last 20 of that was aggressive skating, (in addition to Urban and distance skating) most of that without knee pads. So I banged around my knees more than any sane person should.

I got some g forms over the winder and I have nothing bad to say about them.
I took them out on a 10 mile skate and I forgot I had them on. Thin, light and do not slip.

I did wear them to the skatepark the other day and I took many spills to my knees. the stuff they use for the foam is amazing. totally works.

If you look around online you can get them cheaper, I got mine this past winter for like $45.

Good luck, lmk if you have any questions.
Interesting. Did you do any high speed crashes?

This or possibly a similar review are why I have hesitated to try the g-form's:

"During a failed attempt to hold out a slide, our rider highsided and fell directly onto the kneepads down a steep hill. In this instance, the pads held on for a second or so, but soon afterwards the right pad was pulled off of our riders knee, exposing it to the pavement, which resulted in a bloody knee. The material simply had too much friction with the ground to stay on, which makes sense, since Poron XRD is urethane, regardless of how smart it is."

From: https://www.silverfishlongboarding.c...product-review
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