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Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
These videos gave me an Aha moment! Makes perfect sense to roll with the fall instead of trying to stop the fall with an arm.
Next time, and there will be a next time, in that split second of falling, I will try this technique.

I wouldnt attempt to try it out of the blue ya have to practice. A bed is usually the softest thing someone readily owns. One can kneel in it qnd prqctice rolling onto their hip, to side to shoulder, chin tucked and slapping out with an arm, downward and tward the hip, this breqks down the inertia.

There are some gymnasts that do parkor running and can do ridiculous flips lands and distance falls by breaking down the fall into a smooth load displacing movement.

Falling is going to happen eventually, be it walking, running, riding a bike or skating. Might as well be prepared.
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