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Well, had a good session tonight. Skated backwards for about 1/2 hour. I stayed upright the whole time...yay! I tried the front to back, back to front transitions and did fairly well. I can't seem to get my feet in that mohawk position effortlessly. I suppose that will come with time. I did the looking over my shoulder thing. It really seemed to help being able to see where I was going. Also the looking over my shoulder slightly distracted me from looking at my feet. I know foot watching is a bad habit and I need to stop doing that.
Love the comment about your falls. The way kids skate today with all the jam skating, my falls might look planned! Thanks for that advice.
One more question... do you think that making my wheels "tighter" will aid in my backwards quest? The bearings I have are so fast. I thought that tightening the wheels might slow me down a tad and make it easier.

Thanks all

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