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Default Nice try.

Originally Posted by ursle View Post
These are patents from the early 50's for skate Hangers.
Google "roller skate hanger",
I'm rather sure skate hangers are settled science.

1)Settled science is an oxymoron. One of the modern era's preeminent practitioners of physics and cosmology said not to long ago (saw him on TV saying it) "I would rather have a question I cannot answer than an answer I cannot question." Answers one cannot question qualify as religion, not science.


Jan. 10, 1950 R. R. WARE, JR 2,494,019


jwewz z zmm J7? m wwmt/ Patented Jan. 10, 1950 5:.

U M TED TATES PATENT OF F l CE 2,494;019 I Ron-me SKATE RESI LI ENT HANGER STRUCTURE I I Robert R. Ware, Jr.,'-0hicago, Ill., assign'or-to Chi- -cag0 Roller Skate Company, Chicago, -Ill., -a

corporation of Arizona Application-January 5, 1945, Serial No. 571,391

5 Claims. (c1. 280-11.19)

The present invention relates to a roller skate, and more particularly to a resilient hanger structure therefor.

2) Snyder says truck. & I quote from said patent:
a. A roller skate comprising a foot plate, a hanger secured to said foot plate adjacent the respective ends thereof and each having adjacent its inner end a downwardly extending screw threaded socket member, a truck beneath each end of said foot plate, each truck including a frame having a transverse axle receiving member and an arm extending inwardly from said axle receiving member, said arm having an opening therethrough, a headed bolt extending through the opening in said arm-and having a threaded upper end adjustably mounted in the socket member of the corresponding hanger, a nut on said threaded end of said bolt,
So you have presented us with a patent from a dead company. All that is left of the original Chicago brand is the name and the last time I looked, an abandoned building. The one I present is from a company that is still building sk8s and still builds the model shown in the patent.

Merbler's patent 4596396 lists #s 31 & 32 as "wheel trucks".

Poe's Sunlite patent 4345774 shows all 3 versions of the original Sunlite trucks on figures 14, 15 and 16 all referred to as trucks @ the top of the 4th column of the patent text in the original format.

Now, for a loop, Brandner's Laser patent calls the aluminum Chicago SA trucks he originally used.... let me quote the patent again...
Each of the notches 22 and 24 has an axle anchor of known construction there being a rear anchor 30 and a front anchor 32. These anchors are of unitary construction and are cast of aluminum or steel and each includes a spur at 34 having a ball 36....
To be honest, Chicago's original 1919 patent calls them hangers as well... So let's look @ Dan Miller's patent 8550473 for the Arius. #158 is called a "truck support" as he calls the entire plate a truck.

I have excellent references to back up my use of my preferred nomenclature. I have also shown some examples of other nomenclatures being used. This is why I suggested "Hunt back through the old patents". I have been doing it for decades and have ~ 100 downloaded on my hard drive. I submit this is far from being "settled science" as you put it.
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