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Default Quad vs Sk8board

Originally Posted by nickajshelden View Post
That brings up an interesting topic. It might be more appropriate to post on the OT forum, but...could we take a moment to compare/contrast the tech/terms of quads vs skateboards? A very brief lookup on google did not deliver concise results.

I have found the best place to get reliable quad terminology is from the old Snyder manual. That is what I go by. You would think that using the terminology developed by one the grandfathers of the American quad sk8 would be sufficient.

I keep running across folks calling trucks hangers. They are not. Now most modern quad plates do not have hangers, but they all have trucks. Past that there is not much else in common.

Skateboards have decks, quads have plates. Even the BMW StreetCarver had want appeared to be hangers. Any quad that has hangers riveted (or otherwise attached to the plate) is pretty much the same critter as the a skateboard. Monocoque plates like the Labeda Pro Line do not have hangers, but all of this stuff has trucks.

Past that the terminology is not of real importance in my book. Suspension cushions / bushings / rubbers and king pins vs king bolts?? What ever.

Feel free to pitch back in.
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