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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
What size Mistral plate is recommended by the "charts" for a Riedell size 11, 297 Boots.


Larry Otani

P.S, I decided to go online and look at the charts myself.

Here's the link:

The Charts says you can mount a Roll Line plate on a Riedell 11 boot anywhere from 180-195. 180 for short/artistic mount to a traditional 195 longer/standard mount.
Larry, you are by far the king of useless, gibberish, nonsensical, wrong advice! That link is a snip of the real chart, it's showing half size frames! The Dance Plate is not available in half frames.

I like to keep things friendly, we all have our opinions. However, I find myself feeling similar to ursle, I am no longer interested in your advice. You love to hand out advice to everyone about everything and anything. But in my opinion almost nothing you post has much depth to it, is off topic or unwanted or just some nonsense copied off the internet. You appear to have very little real life experience, and few things you have said have not changed that perception for me. I don’t find you helpful, just annoying. So if I don’t speak up you will just continue to be annoying.
My advice to you is to stop spewing advice and ideas in mass quantities. Set your ego aside, and if you disagree with something ask sincere questions sometimes. At least consider the possibility the person you are talking to (I don’t mean me) may be vastly more experienced then you because they work in the business or may be competing on a national level or are just plane more experienced then you. There are LOTS of things I am not qualified to advise on here, and to do so would be nothing more than a poser. Go for quality and not quantity. PLEASE do not ask me any more questions or send me more advice, I have zero interest in your comments. My only other choice was just to ignore you. Others can do as they wish!

Below is the current standard chart used in the industry. The reason the industry has a “standard mount” is because charts like this could not exists without it. It’s is a reference and sizing point. The Roll-Line mount picture I posted is a standard mount or about 1mm inside the end of the heel. Obviously translated from Italian, you don’t need a “hammer”! Whenever possible go directly to the Riedell, Roll-Line, etc. for information. They have lots of PDF’s they are more than happy to send you in addition to what is on-line.

Riedell 336 Boot , Roll-Line Energy plate, Roll-Line Panther wheels -95A, Me: 165 lb, 6'2"
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