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I skated at Sir Skate of Altoona (PA) from about '88 to '96. I quit because my 260 lbs kept braking axles trying to shag. Sir Skate closed in about 2000. The fella that bought it wanted to build an ice rink, and he didn't want the competition.

Skating was definitely in my blood. My great grandfather owned a rink in or near Williamsport, PA before/during/after WW II. My grandparents owned a rink in Mansfield, PA through the late '50s and '60s. I skated in that rink once (after they sold it) in the late '70s, but it turned into a feed store in the early '80s. My parents met at my mom's parents' rink, my wife's parents met at Lakemont Park's roller rink (where my father-in-law was a floor guard), and I met my wife at Sir Skate (where my brother was a floor guard).

I just got back into skating a month ago. So far, I've been going to Moon Glo II, in Bedford, PA.
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