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In my experience, more wheels results in a smoother ride rather than fewer. With only two wheels, both wheels will fall into cracks in lets say the sidewalk when traveling perpendicular to the cracks. First the front wheel then the back wheel. With 4 wheels, you can bridge the gap and basically never feel the cracks in the sidewalk. The first wheels goes over the crack, but it does not fall in because only 25% of you weight is on that wheel. By the time the first wheel hits the next patch of pavement, the 2nd wheel will be over the crack, but it does not fall in because the 1st, 3rd and 4th are supporting the weight. The only reason that a two wheel setup feels any smoother is if the wheels are big enough that they don't fall into the crack at all. They span the entire gap with one wheel. This would require bicycle sized wheels. The other possible way that a 2 wheel setup can feel smoother is because you have twice as much weight on each when compared to a 4 wheel setup. That means the wheels feel much softer for a given hardness which is probably why the LandRollers feel like skating in mud. They have wheels that are nearly the same hardness as 4 wheel setup, but they only have 2.

Anyway, some food for thought.
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