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Originally Posted by BleeckerSt_Girl View Post
Can anyone explain to me the theory behind the design of Lanrollers?- I mean why would they supposedly go over rough surfaces more easily than regular rollerblades??
According to the site, they say the goal was to get a bigger wheel without losing the stability and maneuverability of inlines. Other attempts are like those big wheeled inlines "coyotes?" that are no longer produced because they are very unstable. They put your center of gravity too high. Then there are the ski type ones with the big wheels forward and behind the boot. Those are great from what I hear except you lose a massive amount of your maneuverability. So the only option for bigger wheels that they could think of was the angle idea. As Gem says, bigger wheels are always going to run smoother over rougher terrain. This is just the most recent idea to overcome the problem.

*edit* The idea apparently started with a single giant wheel that the boot actually sat in the middle of but was unstable and as they played with a second wheel to keep it stable, the wheels shrank and they ended up with just the angle.

Granted if you look close at their site they do make sure to mention that rougher terrain may not always be rideable. As well as wear down your wheels faster.

@Gem Holy cow you arn't kidding about those prices. Why not just buy a new pair of landrollers! eash... Well I don't think I'd need to pull them unless they go toast anyway, should be able to grease them in the wheel I'd think?
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