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So THAT'S the big hub bub about pivot pin adjustments. I've read a ton about how you need to adjust your pivot pin (to help lessen the stress on the king pin) but never read why it was so huge when it comes to skating. So, if the pin is too long, it studders, if it's too short, it wobbles? Am I getting that right? It might solve the problem on a few issues I was having with skating. I did notice my left skate was adjusted way off.

Thanks for the advice, I believe I'll try doing that! Look into getting some grease as well, sheese.

I was worried about that too since I can't screw the king pin ALL the way. It's really close, maybe less than a quarter of an inch away from being all the way in (that's what she said). So yeah, when tightening down my action there is maybe an extra thread more visible than the rest, but I don't think it's a huge difference than say... if I could only get it half way down. When I can find somebody with a vise grip, I'll give that a go.

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