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Default Neutrality ROCKS

The Pivot Pin Neutral Point is a success!

After setting up my pivots to the neutral position and cranking down the king pin nut to 2.5 threads showing, start with the nylock flush with the top of the king pin and tighten 2.5 revolutions, and then shortening the pivot 2/6ths of a turn, I went skating. After I was already on the freeway for the 30 mile drive, I realized, I did not bring TOOL ONE. Did not have my Reflex tool or my pivot pin wrenches. So, the Pivot Pin Neutral method was going to have a trial by fire.

After having been playing around with yellow cushions for the last few sessions, the blue setup felt a bit loose, but not over loose. But everything felt even. The skates behaved the same. Both ankles got a little worked by the blue setup, but my feet did not hurt. Feet and ankles hurting after only a bit of skating is my sign that things are too loose and my feet and ankles are working too hard to maintain stability. This setting is fine.

Not too much grip at Holiday, but I did detect what I felt was a bit of loss of traction, which indicates a pin a little short. This will be easier to detect on the grippier floor at Fountain Valley tommorow. I will leave the action alone, but I will try lengthening the pins 1/6, maybe 2. In fact, I think I will lengthen the pins the 2/6ths. This will put it back to the neutral point. I may as well get a benchmark feel for what the neutral point is like paired with my favorite king pin nut position. It will either be dead on, or just a bit long. Good info for me to have for the next time I take things apart.

Like I had hoped, setting the pins to the neutral point leaves them very close to where they SHOULD be. Then just a little fine tuning.

I did not resort to the squeeze test at all, and in deference to the ladies who could not "get a grip" on that method (), I won't. I will depend on the neutral point and just fine tune from there.
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