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Originally Posted by Aerocat View Post
Hey Doc,

Really getting into collecting vintage boots. The problem is that the writing is always worn off inside and the stamp on the bottom is always under the plate. Is there a way to get the size from measuring the outsole?

Not that I am aware of... probably because I have never tried. What I do Is hit my collection of Insoles and play a guessing game. I have lots of insoles and I marked all the new ones as the came in. So, find the correct insole and bingo, you know the start out with. Other factors can apply so YMMV.

While you are @ it take a tape measure and measure the interior of the boot. That way you can build up a real good idea of what a particular size measures..

You doing this for you?? I used to just buy the sk8 and tear it apart since most mount jobs were questionable @ best. The stamp should show up on Riedells but a lot of other brands don't stamp the soles.

Also note, if the numbers are worn off, make sure there is not more wear in other parts of the boot. Wear means feet were moving.

Last, ignore comments like these fit like my XYZ boots, shoes or what have you. How sk8r X wears his sk8 may be of NO use to you and the way you sk8. Sk8 boots should NEVER be fit like street shoes.

Have fun!! Sounds like a serious case of SEDS abrewin'!!
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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