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This is not common but some of the smaller skaters have stated the same thing. You're not small so your size should be great for the 125 wheels. I've used several different 125 frames. The EO were my first. They're pricey so one would expect performance also. That said the EO frame I found to be slower than the other 125 frames I use.

I'm 6'1" 185 lb and found the EO frame to flex more than my other frames. The more solid frame provided more speed for me. My times and speeds increased once I got off the EO frames. It was hard to admit after paying $400 but I finally tried other frames and found much better results immediately.

The 125 wheels are not for everyone as the threads here will show. Some very highly skilled skaters said the same as you. Others found them to be faster. For me the results were much faster.
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