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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
How hard are your 125mm wheels and are they high quality (banded)? When you went from 4 wheels/skate to 3 wheels/skate each wheel must support 33% more weight which can dramatically affect wheel deformation at the patch where wheel contacts road. I'm also your size/weight and I must use xxf.

Also... big wheels are harder to spin up so (my opinion) they like long strides with slow even pushes. Ride one skate a bit longer and give your recovering leg a few extra moments to rest as you bring it back under you. You've got a skate/foot/frame/balance problem if you cannot choose/control how long you ride one skate.
Thanks. I am using XXF MPC Black Magic 125s. I will try to pay attention to the length of my strides

But I've always bought the hardest outdoor wheels for that very reason. Could be that Black Magic XXF on 125mm just isnt' hard enough, and maybe the hub too... which brand of wheels do you use?

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