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Originally Posted by jackbkwikn View Post
I'm actually starting to enjoy Rufus and his incessant posting.
Originally Posted by dvw View Post
I really wasn't worried until you got to this part.

I have been having rough spots myself. When I started biking, I went from 218, to 208. Then wandered back up to 218. Then I had some trouble with my Arginine pills. These pill kind of keep me alive without being on blood thinners and going to the doctor all the time. Well, I had to back the dose down, and I got a blood clot in my left leg. I think this one came with a Pulmonary Embolism too, as my heart rate watch started registering about 10bpm too high. I have been working some easy hour rides. The pain and swelling from the leg is gone, and my HR dropped 8 bpm, so, looks I am getting out of that tunnel.

It kind of sucks that I am still up at 218. It was about 2.5 years ago that I was happily 200, and 18 lbs jumped on me outta nowhere. I felt like crap warmed over twice. While I still hate having the weight on me, my biking make me feel good enough that I am not hating life. When the weight first hit me, I felt terrible. At least now, I am carrying it well. I don't feel THAT bad. But, better to lose it.
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