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Oh my god I feel like this thread was just waiting for me!!!

Inline skates only come with ONE break on the back of the right foot. The left foot has no break.

The K2 skates come with a removable break! I took the break off my son's and both of my god daughters skates when they were 3 years old.

I've always felt and maintained that a heal break is a dangerous thing for anyone, and that no one, not even children should use them. I'm super opinionated on that, but I don't mean to be rude or sound mean.

At the rink, I've taken the break off MANY young skaters skates after discussing it with their parents and weighing out the pros and cons. I've had sooooo much success at creating confident, safe, incredible inline skaters. I've watched these kids grow up and become amazing.

Are inlines banned from the rink because of the break, or just some other personal reason?

When you take the break off it's like a badge of honor, they really feel SPECIAL and a new world opens to them. They don't need to be experienced either. In fact I believe it's better to start off with no break, because really, when you're an inline skater, the break is coming off sooner or later ANYWAY. Easier to learn the right way sooner.

The break will hinder them because they need to learn cross overs and ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME, the break will hit the front of the other boot. It will take away some of their natural inclination to balance on both the toe and the heel of the skate. I've seen multiple children have really bad falls due to the break. It will make many simple and fun tricks completely impossible. I maintain that the break was a design error to start with.

Children should first learn how to stop by dragging their dominant foot. So if he is right footed, then have him practice dragging his right foot. They don't need the break for outdoor skating either.

I really hope I've helped and don't sound like a total jerk.

Here's a little inspirational video. See, no break! Also, I just want to put a good word in for slalom inline skating. It will give you super powers!!! This is what I'm teaching the kids now that they're older and incredible. Good luck!

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