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According to your suggestion (AussieScott) I have move down the knurling near of circlip slot (See hub picture in the scales) and also I have remove some aluminium around the bearing slot, in front and rear of hub.

Also I have made a full circle instead of a split circle in the bearing spacing shoulder (Armadillo suggestion)

This hub version its based in a six spoke design with a central hole for each two spoke for saving weight.

Im thinking in reduce the width of each spoke from the current 3.4 mm to 2.3 mm keeping the radius of central circle, between spokes, for saving weight.

I think that ALU 6061 T is strong to compromise the hub strenght if I reduce the width of each spoke and also Im thinking to remove more aluminium around the bearing slot in front and rear of hub, by example about 3 mm deep in front and rear of hub instead the current 1.4 mm deep.

I have made only one prototype ALU hub and I have mount, thanks to Scott Corey, a soft tire (88a) to test outdoor. Great soft tires.

At this moment both bearings fits correct into slot bearing.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
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