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Originally Posted by AussieScott View Post
Probably the only change I would make is the location of the knurling.
Where you want it will be difficult to machine.
I would either have it right next to the cir-clip groove or just after the hollowed out section you have.
If you have a step down just before the knurling it means the tire will bite into the knurling better.
Here is an example of what I am talking about.
Hub on the left was from the very first batch of hubs I every had made some 6 years ago. Note the Knurling is in the center of the flat spot. Sure it will grip but if you move the knurling to where it is on the hub to the right when the tire expands up and over it has to push through the knurling making for a much better lock.

Hope this helps you a bit.
I think is a good idea move down the knurling. Im leaving the idea of make a shallow groove in the hub and I think could move this knurl after the zone where I would to make the hollowed out section, near of cir-clip.

Thanks for your suggestions, Scott.
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