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Exclamation Restrictions

I do understand the difficulties that CIPA has created in having any events that are not of their own rules. I think the organizations are going to run into some real difficulties when there is a lot of evidence that they have severely restricted skaters ability to compete, have ignored complaints and coaches have actively discouraged the sport. I'm not sure that preventing other organizations from holding similar events and providing additional opportunities serves their interests in the long term.

In addition,in the US there are several jam skating, roller derby, inline hockey and other sports that rightly would be under USARS. AAU has inline hockey along with USA Hockey. There is a US Roller Hockey Association also. I hear rumblings about ISU trying to put inline speed skating under their control for the Olympics since a lot of inline speed skaters went to ice to compete in the Olympics. Skateboarding even went to the bicycling federation to get in the Olympics. USARS and FIRS would seem to be the most likely places to go of all the sports.

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