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Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
Hi Regina, aka NaNaDo,

I started skating as a teen in Wilkes Barre in the 60's.
And then mostly gave it up as I went to college in Bethlehem, PA

OK, You know the Organ Players, which is good. BTW I always wondered if my grade school friend named Michael B. ever came back to playing the organ at skating places as he did when we were so so young. Gosh he could really play the organ..

My idea is for you to share with the Organ Guys, Kathie's list, and have them update it. Again I am not expecting you to know as much as they do since these Organ Guys travel in a greater circle.

Yours in Skating, born PA-Skater, MA/NY Skating Dave
Will check with Marty... Word usually travels quickly when these guys are playing somewhere. Are you looking for info in case they travel out of state to play???? Or are you looking for any of them to travel to your area? Marty, Ralph and Corey are really making a great effort to spread the Organ Music around again!!!

I don't remember Michael B. .... again, sorry! So many Organist's left as Disco became "the thing".... Sad times!!!
We were from Philadelphia in the 70's, Skated at and met my husband at Pike Rollarena in South Hampton, when Bill Clarke still played there! also skated at Holiday in NJ, CC Skate Ranch and occasionally up to Allentown Wilkes Barre area too! A real nice small rink in Emmaus that we all went to one Saturday evening absolutely "paniced" when they heard we were all from Philadelphia!?!?!? But we had a nice time with the skaters there.... we didn't exactly fit in, but still had a nice time!
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