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Default update

Plates are working good. No issues with mounting coming loose or breaking the sole of the boots. Finally getting back up to speed on my skating after being off for 12 weeks. Began to feel like my push wasn't strong enough, no getting enough speed from it at the end of each stroke. Not enough resistance. Any way I wanted to get more force in the push out of the plates, but did not want to affect turn radius if it was possible so I shimmed the front trucks only. Got more resistance in the push but radius had very little change. Found one coned bushing disintegrating on tear down and replaced it. All is good now. Now I'll see if I can find more to tune on these.. LOL

Edit: Got some good time in today on the plates. Floor cleared out a bit and I got to finally put in a bit of speed. No shakes, no slop just smooth controlled carving and turns. Still unpredictable moving obstacles on the floor so I only got a few fast laps in. It was fun. Knee is starting to give me some feedback again. Last doctor told me it was nothing, a little time off would take care of it.... yea right. Time to change doctors...

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