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Originally Posted by cwilliams823 View Post
well still cool, I was thinking about having a friend with a cnc do one for me but he's always busy (plus he is making me a wheel regroover setup for my lathe).

Have you got to skate on them yet! thats the most important thing.
It takes time to blueprint skate plates. To do this it takes a goal in mind to make it worth while. Like going to a better alloy, needing a special length, needing a special mounting scenario. Something like that, because it is very time consuming. Anyone on here that does this has considerable time in a pair of plates if it is done by manual machine. Making the blueprints up first then transferring that information into metal takes lots of time and skill. And still a lot of time in programming if CNC. In my case I made fixtures to hold the plates in position too.
A person can modify plates in most cases to do what they want to. But my plates are different than others in several ways. Not saying they are better than anyone else's plates, they do as I wish them to do, to my spec. Lightening more and cosmetics are secondary right now. I want to keep fine tuning these for now, then I'll get around to sharpening them up later.
Oh yes, Three sessions so far. About 10 hours on them now. They were slightly rough at first but tuned in pretty quickly. The cushion setup is not standard so the dimensions were already machined into the plates for my initial setup(pre-shim) making tuning just a matter of dialing in the cushions. I had installed yellow cones, but changed the front two cones(touching the trucks) to purples because I had been off skates for a while due to a broken bone in my foot. This weekend I'm now loosened up enough to go back to the yellows. Been running Green Shamans and just ordered White Shamans to pick up the pace a bit next weekend. Going from a 93a to a 97a wheel. I'm wasting the traction with the greens as the floor is very sticky right now. So waiting for my new wheels to come in. I really wanted Scotts but with several projects going on right now, that is out of the question....
They skate very nicely. Good precise handling.
Soon I'll have another seasoned skater sz 12 give them a go to see what they think about this type of suspension setup. Might be going to Atlanta soon and have a meet up there with some SLF members. We'll see..
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