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Default Body Protection

Hi lily,

Glad you are thinking about joining your young one.
They get fast and good really quick...

The fall, they get up, they fall they get up
Hey that is part of a song from Shakira Africa

Beyond the other posts that have given you some skate advice, I mean I could add a RollerBlade option, let us Add Protection to your Stuff to buy.

RollerBlade used to sell a full bag of goodies, knee, elbow, wrist stuff.

AND Do not forget a Helmet. Protect the most important part of your body.

And read some of shesk8's post at getting started like on Grass first and then migrate to the harder surfaces. BTW I have seen some pole InLiners using ski poles to steady them.

Good Luck and Keep Skating.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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