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If you are looking for a one-time spending option that can last along while with ability to grow with, then I tend to agree with Mort re: hardshell skates, be it rollerblade's Twister 243's or Seba F1's or other, and more so for the mere fact that most hardshells also provide you ability to adjust the frames position if it is not in the right place from factory. Everyone has a different anatomy and different points of body alignment, balance, and centering, and a skate off-center may force you onto eternal inside edges with no hope of aligning things correctly.

Other 'softboot' contenders to the hard shell Rollerblade's Twister or Fusion skates: K2's Midtwon/Uptown/Broadway or Rollerblade's Metro skates. These have soft uppers and adjustable aluminum frames. Good, versatile, comfy cruising skate options.

And, will agree that an aluminum frame is a better choice (upgrade) over plastic composite frames.
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