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I'd hit the second-hand stores and try on skates until you find a pair that feels comfortable. Skate them until you feel comfortable on them and know what you want in a pair of skates. Then go buy a better pair.

Around here, the local Goodwill sells skates for $6; other thrift stores charge typically from $1 to $10. Most of the skates are inlines, and most of them are in good shape, from people who bought them and didn't use them or from kids who grew out of them quickly. Some are trashed, though, so make sure the wheels aren't worn away (and that they spin) and make sure the buckles and straps are in good shape. Most important, though, is that it feels comfortable.

I live in a city of about 40,000 people. If I hit all the thrift stores in my town, I'd expect to find 5-10 pairs of reasonable skates on any particular day. A week later, half of them would be different. If you live somewhere with a ready supply of thrift shops, picking up a pair of learner inlines is pretty easy.
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