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Originally Posted by rhyfelwr View Post
I know the skates you mean and I did look at the Powerslide Gravedigger version but opted for a more conventional experience - if you can call it conventional! I can also see the way the brakes work so that would make life a lot easier!

My fitbit rekons I'm burning calories at 16 per minute as apposed to 5.5 per minute just normal walking around so skating is definitely a great workout. I started with some poles but found they were too restrictive so ditched them.

Double push on rolling skis? Nah....
The powerslide nordic brakes are OK, just inferior to the Skike set up. Not tried mine on any real off road surfaces yet but I think your SUVs would probably do better than my skates. They have quite a low ground clearance, thereís one path near me that is very broken up by tree roots that Iíve bottomed out on a couple of times now. Maybe the extra size of the wheels on the gravediggers would help but I think the SUVs are probably best for true off roading.
Maybe at some point Iíll buy some SUV frames my powerslides to try it out. Not sure if that will ever happen though, need to be quick as they are the pre Trinity boots.
I like having the poles, itís a whole new skill set to learn & also turns it in to a full body workout. Iíd like to see the difference between skating the SUVs and the Nordic style skates without poles, the experience of skating the nordics without poles is very different to anything else Iíve used, I wonder how close the SUVs would feel in comparison.
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