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Hi rhyfelwr. Mine are a bit different to the imperial SUVís, those look more like regular inline with massive wheels, mine have less in common with inline skates & have more in common with roller skis. The centre of gravity is a lot lower as the wheels are in front & behind the foot and the base of the foot is at or slightly lower than the centre of the wheels. They are also very long compared to other skates. They are almost impossible to manoeuvre because of the wheelbase, any turns need to be step turns, no edging, if I put one over onto an edge it pretty much stays in a straight line.

Mine are still very slow too though, but I use poles like cross country skiiing, so itís a great workout, with a lot in common with skating technique, but thereís no way to incorporate double push (not that I can do an effective double push at the moment) with the poles, theyíve completely replaced running. I always use a heart rate monitor when I workout, Nordic skating I feel like Iím not working as hard but the heart rate monitor actually shows Iím working harder on average and according to the calorie burn calculation the watch does Iím burning around 25% more calories per hour. The hunger I get afterwards makes me believe that it might be right. I donít mind the lack of speed, its just a different experience.

As far as stopping is concerned I canít imagine trying any sort of slide stop on skates with pneumatic tyres on roads or pavement, I think the grip would just be too much. Iím sure Iíve seen YouTube videos of people hockey stopping them on dirt & gravel but not on a solid surface. The ski style skate that I have all have some sort of brake, so stopping is relatively straightforward and wonít wear the tryres down excessively.

I have only skated the Skikes since my last post, no more falls & Iím getting a lot more used to them. The brakes are just so much better, I can stop quite quickly & have managed to lock up both wheels before but they are so controllable itís easy to stop the slide. Iím going to skate them exclusively for a while, just because I think they are built a bit better, the brakes are much better & I want the extra ankle strength that the Skikes are giving me.
The new push over rubber pads for the poles are great, they touch down before the point & absorb a bit of the shock & the spike then gives great grip for a powerful push. They restrict how far the spike can slip into cracks, itís already saved me another broken tip.
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