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Originally Posted by cojaco61 View Post
Sorry, went a bit over the top with the cheap and nasty comment.

Was not whining, or trying to derail a thread. If taken that way I am sorry.

I suppose I have been spoilt by skating plates that are not only beautiful performing but also beautiful looking. Boen and Galaxy.

It is just a shame those Magnums don't come NTS. Perhaps someone in the know over there should contact the manufacturers and suggest that they could possibly be cutting their market down by only offering stoppered versions. But hey just a thought.

As for the other 45 degree plates with the jump bar. It just reminded me of the old Wallaby plates, which were a cheap option before I discovered and could afford Boens.

Guess I just was on in a stirring frame of mind. Sometimes I can be a real prick. Guess that is why I am single again, lol.

So once again sorry for any feather ruffling.
No problem here. The aluminum jump bar version reminded you of something you did not like. I do that with certain female names. (won't say which. I just find some excuse to be somewhere else if I run into one ) I am new to better skate equipment myself. What I see when I look at any of the 45 family is performance, and performance is beautiful.
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