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Originally Posted by cojaco61 View Post
Just don't like the look of them. Shallow aren't I, lol.

They look cheap and nasty. I prefer the look of the Magnums. If they had an NTS, but they don't so.........
Its funny, when Gle8 first posted pictures of the Magnums, I was a little taken aback. The reason is that the Magnums' did not have the jump bar. I was just SO used to seeing various DA45 skates with a jump bar of one sort or another. The Magnums looked..... naked or something. I went so far as to email Sure-Grip to ask them about it. They said the jump bar was not needed on the Magnum plate. On receiving the skates, I can see a nice centerline ridge that runs from one king pin mount to the other, and from the king pin mount to the pivot pin mount for that matter. Now I do not mind the look of any of the other DA45 platforms, but I gotta admit, now that you bring it up, the Magnum does have a sort of clean, almost elegant look to it. My toe stop kills the look, though. It would look better with a jam plug. A jam plug is on my list for possible mods in the future as I think I will dabble a bit in some simple jam skating moves. Problem is, while I don't really need a toe stop, I do like it and make use of it. Also too bad that the purple cushion were not a lighter shade so you could see the color from a distance. But at the end of the day, I guess I am more of a function over form guy. If I look down at someone's skate, see a jump bar and a truck with 2 cushions sitting at the right angle, the first thought in my mind will be sweet!
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