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Default What is the origin of "Haters" in skating?

People who have been Roller skating even 50 years say it's always been that way, no different today. Except rexers are cool now!

When I started 5 years ago I could not understand why people say "skate don't hate". But if you get immersed in this subculture you realize it's there.

I still don't completely understand it. It does not seem to be much about race, but rather jealousy and competition, insincerity?

Some people hate on you for your skating style, some seem to hate on you just because you are doing better than them. Which is just about the time strangers start videoing you.

If you rink skate on adult night it can be almost like High School, worse actually, we are all over Youtube and Facebook with videos.

I don't hear about this in other sports so much, but I think skating is the only sport that is also kind of a performing art too. For the hot and talented, it's a narcissist dream.

So that's my thoughts, why do you think we have haters?
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