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Originally Posted by RollerBones View Post
Please feel free to read about the History of Bones Bearings and ABEC vs. Skate rated articles at just scroll to the bottom. We re-engineered our bearing for better tolerance and clearances for the application of skating. It's not a marketing thing. Plus the only "swiss" bearings either come from our factory of Jessa, and I believe that's only Bont at this time.
Skate rated means nothing. It is not held to a standard, like ABEC ratings are(not saying they really matter, as that depends..). It gives no information, there arent even "levels" of your "skate rated" bearings.

Jessa supposedly makes good quality products. Personally have never done destructive testing on any bearing with sophisticated equipment to get any data from.

The internal clearances needed in a bearing are simply subject to the lack of precision in the assembly. The single most important factor for that is awheels hub precision, a distant second being a axle trueness and truck faces being cut perpendicular to the axle.

Most skaters are not rolling precision machined hubs that can make use of tighter internal clearances, So looser than standard internal clearances easily allows for good roll without having to worry about getting a perfectly shaped /molded/machined hub(s) in a set of wheels.

My major problem with the BS "skate rated" crap is that it doesn't educate, it obfuscates.

It leads less educated people to believe they are getting something special, when they aren't.
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