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Of course they'd need to sell retainers. Their quality control on reds retainers is trash, so you'll need more after the malformed or broken out of the box cages come off the balls and your wheel goes skipping across the ground away from you. Lol

I have the bones bearing cleaner. I can't say I like that thing.

Sewing machine oil for indoor, and grease for outdoor. Speed cream is overpriced snake oil IMO. Show me a product data sheet with performance characteristics of the lubricant. I don't buy into hype.

Their spacers are what size and fit which of the wheels they sell reliably? Virtually none? Lol.

Speed rings, a almost pointless item. (Flip/clip axles guys need something like them though) But at least it does create a small gap between trucks and nuts, in case you're obsessed with worry that your bearing seals(which are countersunk into the inner and outer races) will rub and cause drag.

I have 2 sets of RBT'S, and I was not impressed with the wear characteristics. Not exactly disappointed either really, but for what they are, ya can do one better for 50$ less, a set of zombie wheels won't have spokes break on you, and have perfect hubs, which can actually USE spacers, since every damn hub is the same width between bearings. measured 5 sets now and not 1 was off the mark. Amazing job Sure Grip.
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