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So, a thread about rollerbones wheels, and it's getting trolled by everything not rollerbones, oh'my

Anyway, there's a rollerbones site,
and it offered parts and wheels and bearing for sale, for example, wheel spacers, they look to be nylon or plastic, light weight, there's also a bones bearings site, it's more comprehensive for parts and offers all of bones bearings.

Also, an outdoor wheel, 65mm high, 78a, glad I looked, I prefer a light weight wheel, but I bet they last years, how nice a site to look at them, and order them from.

A nice hub, hard urethane 62 mm in height, and only 149$, easily purchased, and let's not forget, you can buy the best ceramic bearings to go in them.

I bet you can walk into a skate shop most anywhere in the US and put your hands on these items, might even find them on sale, it's nice that rollerbones takes the time to help inform skaters about their products, and they are easy to contact, heck, they can be reached from this forum via the private message apparatus available to members.

Ah, speed rings

And spare shields

And yes, spare ball retainers, gotta hand it to a company that has it all

Ah'ha, they also sell the best lubricant you can use for skate bearings

I have one of these, after I soak the bearings in "whatever" to clean them, I put them on this made for bearing device and soak them in 92% isopropyl, then blow them with air to dry them, from the side, not allowing the bearing to spin, then give them each two drops of speed cream, and I can count on rollerbones to have everything available and easy to get.

Well, now it's back to everything not rollerbones, which quite honestly isn't very professional when it's by people that also make their living in the skate world, but who's to judge
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