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If it's got wheels that roll, I probably try it. Fell in love with skating as a kid with clamp-on metal quad wheels, skate key, etc. and trying to beat my playmates in skating around the block.

As a pre-teen and teenager I rented quad skates at the rink and that was a blast. Especially when a buxum, 21+ & slightly tipsey gal grabbed you for the "last skate, couples only." (Hey!, I was a normal, hormone raging adolecent boy! What can I say?) Fun date nights out too.

While in college in New England, I tried ice skating on borrowed hockey skates and like it. I also found out that all ice isn't smooth, i.e. when the pond freezes over with a strong nor'east'n blowing in. Rink ice, only a few times. Don't like the seragated toe rental skates. Last rink skate in Gatlinburg, Tn. a year ago on rented hockey skates. It was different experience after 10 years of inlines outdoors but sure beat not skating at all our during vacation week.

Inline speed skates are my passion as it beats the boredom of walking, running, rink circles, etc. I like excursion skating into areas I haven't skated before. I like the adrenalin rush of newer top speeds, chasing down bikes, conversation with my skate buds on long trail skates, etc.

It's all good, so...

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