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Originally Posted by Big Nick View Post
Biff, are you talking about small diameter (58-9mm) solid thane wheels?
Someone was asking me about this recently, and I figure you are the man to ask.

I actually have used 55 mm Rictas, 97a hardness. Right now I am running Winged Skulls from BDS. They are 60mm solid thane wheels, 97a hardness. Wheels with cores usually cannot handle the abuse that skate parks can inflict. However, wood ramps are more forgiving. I'd run softer wheels with wood ramps.

Also, the rounded wheels are better for those who like to grind and do slides (with home made or factory sliders installed). Straight edged wheels tend to catch against other surfaces while rounded wheels tend to not catch, especially the harder wheels.

If you want more speed, use bigger wheels. Though bigger wheels make skating vert more clumsy when it comes to doing technical tricks. Does this help?
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