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I probably don't run with really good bearings. When I was buying them,
I'd usually just get Bones Reds. Through buying and selling a bunch of
skates and wheels, I've ended up with quite a few sets of Vanilla bearings

Basically, I have a maintenance schedule which revolves around rotating
my skate wheels. After about 8 sessions, I rotate. The first time, I just
rotate my wheels on the same skate. The second time, I swap skates
with my rotation. On that second part is when I pop the bearings out of
the wheels and clean them with Goo Gone all purpose cleaner. It's a total
bath in a used 16oz juice bottle. After I've let most of the cleaning solution
drain off the bearings, I give them a quick dunk in 91% isopropyl alcohol.
(I know; there's still water in that) I kick the bearings off of the long bolt
I have anchored in the juice bottle cap and smack as much alcohol off on
paper towels as possible. If I'm in a rush, might even blast 'em with the
hair blow dryer. Once I'm pretty sure they're dry, I hit them with the
lubricant and put the shields back on.

Most of the bearings that I've had to throw out are units that I got used.
My measure for that is if they have any roughness in spinning by hand,
like if it moves and then has a slow spot that takes more effort to move,
then I consider it a clunker and it goes into the pitch can.

I watched several maintenance videos over five years ago when I got into
this roller skating thing. I kindof mix-matched what I liked and what seemed
sensical from several different people. This video here provided me with
the choice of lubricant I use:
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