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Originally Posted by dvw View Post
It really doesn't bear a lot of overthinking. You very quickly reach the point of diminished returns.

I take a very simple approach. Put the bearings in an old pickle jar with some low-voc mineral spirits. Let 'em soak maybe 10 minutes, then shake them around. The goop suspends in the spirits. Take out the bearings and let dry on a paper towel. The mineral spirits can be strained through a paper towel or a coffee filter and reused. Do them twice if they're real nasty. Add your favorite lube.

No compelling reason to use anything exotic. 3-N-1 works as well as anything. So does corn head grease. You need something that will protect the metal and not shear. The exotic stuff is fine if you're going for a world title or for winning snack bar bets, but once you do a lap or two any oil or grease will be so well liquified it won't matter.
I have a lot of old 7mm bearings. Removed from antique rentals around here in a box. I'll have to dig them up for 7mm lovers to clean...
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