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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
I usually just add like a teaspoon of oil, spin them to suspend particulates, then turn them seal side up to drain or if I'm in a hurry, a lint free cloth on the raceway and I turn the outer race to purge the excess.

If I do that often enough they stay damn clean, and it only takes a few minutes. Doing a deep clean is almost a waste. For the time spent doing it I could work a job and make the money to buy brand new stuff.

The problem is getting quality 688 bearings lol. So I try to maintain them as needed.
Back in the day (in my teens) I would tear down my old loose ball bearings every weekend. The cones definitely would wear. Once precision bearings came out, I never did any work on the bearings. I still have enough sets to last me and wife a lifetime, so...
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